Titus Touch Curriculum

The Wonder of Womanhood


Volume 1 - "The Wonder of Womanhood"  - A foundational study will take you to the roots of your faith! You will discover...

  • God's Perfect Love
  • The Importance of Surrender
  • Love that Lasts

The Strength of Womanhood


Volume 2 - "The Strength of Womanhood" - Learn to experience His peace and love by receiving His strength...  

  • Strength against the ungodly culture
  • Understand godly wisdom and honor
  • Equip you to become women of influence
  • Understand godly wisdom and honor

The Purity of Womanhood


Volume 3  - "The Purity of Womanhood" - Purity is expressed by both our behavior and our beliefs and is a reflection of our commitment and loyalty to Christ. 

This study addresses...

  • Purpose of Purity
  • Importance of Purity
  • Purity of the Heart
  • Guarding Your Purity

The Vision of Womanhood


Volume 4  - "The Vision of Womanhood"  - This study is designed to help you answer questions like, "What is my purpose? or What does God want me to accomplish during my time here on earth?

  • Characteristics of a God-given dream
  • Keys to achieving our vision for life
  • Overcoming obstacles to our vision
  • Dealing with discouragement and delay.
  • Defining our purpose to fulfill our vision

The Expressions of Womanhood


Volume 5  - "The Expressions of Womanhood" - We express ourselves to others everyday and this study explores several areas of expressing...

  • Ourselves through words, actions, and prayer
  • Ourselves through physical intimacy
  • Ourselves through financial stewardship
  • God's love through communication

The Endurance of Womanhood


Volume 6 - "The Endurance of Womanhood" - What is Endurance? Its like a diamond, perfected under pressure and it is lasting. It connotes persistence and patience. Its composure during crisis, perseverance through problems and temperance through life's trials.

The Wisdom of Womanhood


Volume 7 - "The Wisdom of Womanhood" - Proverbs 4:7 declares "Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom".

Through wisdom we...

  • Acquire discernment & understanding
  • Walk a righteous path
  • Avoid evil
  • Live a life of peace

The Intercession of Womanhood


Volume 8 - "The Intercession of Womanhood" - The book of Esther offers a valuable spiritual lessons such as....

  • Attributes of a godly character
  • Importance of patience & obedience
  • Supremacy of God's sovereignty
  • Influence of prayer & intercession

The Virtues of Womanhood


Volume 9 - "The Virtues of Womanhood" 

The virtuous woman is described like a fine strand of pearls with a uniquely developed Christ-like character.  

Study Proverbs 31 verse by verse.